As we heard back in April, Bar Tartine is in the process of being sold from under the Tartine Bakery moniker to its executive chefs of four years, Nick Balla and Cortney Burns. And now it's time for the spot's new name: Crescent.

Burns just gave the news to Tablehopper, explaining that the name symbolizes "the ebb and flow of things," and it doesn't pigeonhole them, giving them freedom to continue exploring the mashups of different cuisines that they already do on their ecclectic menu, blending influences from Central and Eastern Europe with the Mediterranean and Japan. It also calls to mind the "Fertile Crescent" of the Middle East where civilization was born.

Burns and Balla, who are a couple, are in the process of closing escrow on the business, and expect the name-change to happen around the end of the year.

Tartine and its owners, Chad Robertson and Elizabeth Prueitt, decided to sell Bar Tartine to the couple after deciding to merge the bakery with Blue Bottle, and expand the bakery business earlier this year.

Presumably, though, there will still always be Tartine bread on the table, regardless of the name.

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