Denise Huskins — the Vallejo woman who, it turns out, was legitimately kidnapped back in March, apparently by a mentally ill individual who's already confessed — is now said to be filing a claim against the City of Vallejo and its police department for dismissing her case as a hoax, as the Associated Press reports.

The kidnapping was, admittedly, bizarre from the start, with a strangely low ransom demand and the victim, Huskins, turning up unharmed two days later at her parent's house in Southern California. Vallejo police Lt. Kenny Park subsequently gave a news conference in which he said that there was "no evidence to support the claims that this was a stranger abduction or an abduction at all,” and said the alleged kidnapping "appears to be an orchestrated event."

The news media, ourselves included, having heard details of an insane/fake-sounding multi-page email sent to the SF Chronicle describing a gang of "gentlemen criminals" and an elaborate caper plan, was quick to agree that this was all a hoax — even Nancy Grace had her say on this.

But then we learned in July that in fact Huskins and her boyfriend had not been lying, they did have their home invaded, and the suspect in the case, Matthew Muller, had allegedly invaded another home in the interim, in Dublin, and dropped his cell phone. He has since been arrested and admitted to acting alone, and to suffering from psychotic delusions and bipolar disorder.

All this means that Vallejo police Lt. Kenny Park has to eat crow, and not surprisingly, Huskins hired some attorneys who look to be planning a lawsuit — the claim filed this week is a precursor. As the Chron adds, Huskins' boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, will also be a party to the suit.

We'll update this post if there is further comment from her attorneys.

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