As you all heard, Susan Sarandon was one of the celebrities at Burning Man — this was her second time there in three years — and as she told Jimmy Kimmel this week, she stayed a little too long and came back with "half the desert" in her lungs. She was there this year to help build Michael Garlington's 50-foot-tall Totem of Confessions, as she shared on Instagram, a gilded chapel made of paper, wood, and plaster. And in the chapel last week, Sarandon led a ceremony that you can watch in the very trippy, NSFW video above (she starts speaking at the 1:30 mark) in which she and others "re-burned" some of Timothy Leary's ashes, which she brought with her to the playa. Also, she apparently drank some of them too.

Sarandon, as Vulture notes, was one of several friends of the late acid enthusiast to whom he bequeathed a portion of his ashes after he was cremated in 1996. And she thought it was fitting that he be remembered again this way at a festival he note doubt would have loved, had he lived to attend it. "I think he'd be so happy. I think he would have loved the chaos," Sarandon said, according to Bay Area News Group.

Below you can see the awesome dress she wore in better light. And I'm pretty sure half the people at that ceremony were tripping balls — some are naked, and at the five-minute mark in the video you can hear a woman laughing uncontrollably, and she doesn't stop for a while.

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Would that we were all this rad, and radiant, at age 68.

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