Amid the mired SFPD racist texting scandal, CBS SF has flagged new, utterly damning video of insensitive remarks from local police officers.

The two brief Instagram videos, taken at Happy Donuts at 24th and Church Streets, show two officers cracking jokes about shooting civilians while wearing body surveillance cameras, which they do not yet have.

They'd like to ensure that suspects pointing a gun at them are captured on video when they're shot, but not suspects putting their hands up. Perhaps they're laughing partially out of discomfort, but this is of course tasteless and disgusting. They gesture and pantomime shootings suspects in the chest and head.

A video posted by 🌟Estr3lla 'I' (@lastrella) on

A video posted by 🌟Estr3lla 'I' (@lastrella) on

The San Francisco police said today that the department has opened an investigation into the behavior of these officers after the videos went quickly viral.

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