There's something called "Betteridge's law of headlines" which reads "Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no." And while nine times out of ten Betteridge is dead on, today we see the exception to that rule, as the answer to my peevish question above is "yes."

Here's the deal, as brought to light by SocketSite: 2785 Diamond Street (which is in Glen Park just steps from fancy places like Canyon Market and less fancy places like my late mother-in-law's favorite dive, Glen Park Station) is being offered at a jaw-dropping $199,000. AMAZING, huh? Sure, it's a vacant lot, but that means you can build your dream home in between dinners at Gialina. Right?

Not so much — though the lot is "zoned RH-2," it hasn't been on the market "since 1994." And there's probably a reason for that, as the lot size is only .021 acres (914 square feet), and appears to be nothing more than a stubby, overgrown, sloping plot of land that's smaller than a Midwestern living room.

Even the seller seems aware that this proposal is an indecent one, saying in the listing that the "buyer [is] advised to investigate potential use of this property." As in, investigate to see if there is one.

From the property listing:

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 2.04.50 PM.png

Wait, sidewalks? I'll take it!

The commenters over at SocketSite waggishly suggest that one could use this slice of SF to "park your RV or camper permanent residence," or "pitch a tent on it if that’s not illegal in SF."

Most diabolically, one reader suggests that one "Buy it and rent it out for RV’s or mobile home for $1800 per month. Not bad of a return. Better yet, tent rental like Palo Alto for $500 per mth. It should fit about 3 tents." I am already looking forward to the neighborhood reaction to that one!