A burglary took place at Monterey Deli (499 Monterey Boulevard), in the Sunnyside neighborhood, on the morning of August 29, and the entire thing was caught on surveillance video, both outside and inside the store. The owner, Almir Zalihic, gave the footage to the SFPD, and made it available on Vimeo, describing what happened, all of which you can see in the 10-minute video. And it's kind of riveting!

At 5:15am August 29th, 2015 there was a very large older RV circling the block several times before parking near 435 Monterey Boulevard. At 5:28 am two guys got out of the RV with all the necessary tools to cut a very heavy duty lock and break into the Monterey Deli. One of the men crawled inside through a very small opening, while the other one stayed outside as the look out. They got away with the whole cash register, entire stock of cigarettes and high-priced bottles of booze.

Most of the video depicts the exterior camera, but at the 7-minute mark you see the footage from behind the counter in which one of the suspects is emptying the entire cigarette shelf into a box.

Neighborhood tipster Eric sent it over saying, "Monterey Deli and the owner, Almir, are the best things about Sunnyside. Hoping this video can get out on the news to help get these guys busted."

Unfortunately, petty crime has been booming in SF, and we're seeing more cases like this of property owners trying to get these cases solved themselves, because the cops aren't necessarily prioritizing burglaries. A gas station owner and the SFPD shared this video of an armed robbery at a Chevron station on Junipero Serra Boulevard last month, because they were stymied in their search for the hooded robber who made off with all the cash in the register.