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James Franco: What will he do next? Make a documentary out of a book that's based on one of his movies? Cut off his own arm? Literally no one — not even James Franco — has any idea, or at this point very much interest.

And yet, this time around Franco is doing what's known as a "mitzvah" or "good deed" and he's doing it right here, to us, or rather, to some high schoolers on the Peninsula. The renaissance man is returning to inspire youth at Palo Alto High School, reports ABC7, where he himself was a student 20 years ago. As is typical of Franco, his motives are highly unclear and vaguely suspect.

Franco has taught university students in the past, but Palo Alto High School teacher Esther Wojcicki, who will head up the film program with Franco, say of her crop that "They're younger, they don't have any rules yet, you know they can think outside the box."

Wojcicki founded the school's Media Arts Center, where Franco reportedly thrived. The two of them will team-teach an eight session workshop, with Franco flying in regardless of his other obligations for once-a-month classes.

According to ABC 7,

Franco has maintained his connection to Palo Alto High School ever since he graduated in 1996. He comes almost every other year to speak and last year he came to paint murals based on photos from his freshman yearbook.

Palo Alto High School wasn't without its celebrities and celebrity progeny, Wojcicki adds. "Steve Jobs' daughter was in the class, the Hewlett grandson was in the class. There were all these well-known people in the class and he says, I was James Franco."

What does that even mean?