Surely you recall Erlynn Kay Sanchez-Edwards, the woman who allegedly crashed a stolen car on the Bay Bridge, leapt from the bridge, swam to safety. and hitchhiked to downtown San Francisco! Well, she's no longer on the run, as the California Highway Patrol says they tracked her down in Oakland.

Back on August 12 at 2:06 a.m., CHP said that when officers approached a woman who was involved in a solo crash on the bridge, she climbed the rail of the bridge, but “as the officer was about 50 yards away, she began to slip and fall."

The water beneath the bridge was searched without avail, and the next day CHP released more information about the situation, identifying the jumper as 25-year-old Sanchez-Edwards, who they say was driving a 2014 Nissan Maxima that had been reported stolen in LA at the time of the crash.

Later that day, a dump truck driver told the CHP he'd picked a wet woman matching Sanchez-Edwards' description up, and dropped her off in San Francisco near Fremont and Folsom streets. She hadn't been seen since.

On Monday afternoon, the CHP announced that Sanchez-Edwards had been found in Oakland, and credited a tipster for information that led to her arrest.

In a statement sent to media, CHP Capt. Christopher Sherry said "I commend the CHP officers and investigators from throughout the Bay Area who performed excellent police work identifying witnesses, investigating leads, and getting the word out."

"The CHP is very grateful for all of the information and tips provided by the community. The safe apprehension of this suspect would not be possible without their help."

According to the CHP, Sanchez-Edwards was taken into custody without incident. She's being held in Santa Rita Jail on $175,000 bail, and faces charges of vehicle theft, receipt of stolen vehicle, hit-and-run causing injury, resisting arrest, and driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs causing injury. She is expected to make her first appearance in court (for this case, at least) on Wednesday.

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