Don't worry, everybody. The "blood" — all 6 gallons of it — in local bawdy singer/songwriter Rachel Lark's first music video is just corn syrup.

"No sex-positive people were harmed in the making of this video," she tells SFist. Lark's song, which has become something of a "single" for her, explodes the social taboo of having sex during your period. After all, that's an act Lark says she vastly prefers to being covered with corn syrup. She does mention one problem with the shoot, however — which looks amazing, not to mention very gnarly, by the way. "I forgot how we were gonna clean up afterward," she confides, explaining that the crew ended up mopping up corn syrup "blood" with T-shirts.

"Warm, Bloody, and Tender" — which is not for the faint of heart, because you'll be laughing to hard — features cameo performances from the writer and activist Dan Savage and local SF sex luminaries Jamie DeWolf, Polly Superstar, Dixie De La Tour, Sister Flora Goodthyme, Wonder Dave, Laika Fox, and Paige Goedkoop.

Says Savage “I’m a Stephen Sondheim obsessive, a Tom Lehrer obsessive, a Tim Minchin obsessive. Rachel Lark is right up there with all of those." High praise indeed.

The video is NSFW.

The above video was funded by Lark's recent Kickstarter campaign, which raised over $15,000 for its production and work on her most upcoming live album.

In the meantime you can catch Lark in person at local Bay Area venues and events, listed here, from "Bawdy Storytelling" to "Tourette's Without Regrets" to Folsom Street Fair itself. Lark's upcoming "Vagenius" tour, named for a live album that drops next week, will take her farther afield as well.

On tour, Lark says she's frequently asked about her San Francisco home. "As a working artist the big question everyone asks is how can you afford it," she says, "My response is usually how could I not live in san francisco. I like that I'm a product of the work that activists for sexual freedom have been doing here for years. They've made this place what it is."

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