Mark Wolfe "always" gets the prepackaged sushi sold at the Lucky supermarket at Fulton and Masonic Streets. But that "always" turned to "never" Wednesday, when he says he found a live cockroach in his food.

KRON4 reports that Wolfe and a pal picked up two prepackaged rolls Wednesday at around 11 a.m. It was only after the duo had consumed one roll that they discovered an unexpected pop of protein in the second container of food.

"Oh my fucking god, it's alive" you hear Wolfe's friend say in a video the duo took during the discovery.

"It was sickening," Wolfe says, telling KRON4 that at first he thought the bug was dead, then realized it was still scurrying around.

"I always get sushi from this store...I've never had a problem," Wolfe says. In fact, KRON4 reports that the 25-year-old Wolfe has been shopping at the Lucky's supermarket for "most of his life," which is unlikely: construction on the structure in which he purchased the sushi wasn't completed until 2002, when the then-Albertson's opened on the site which until 1999 was the location of Faletti's Market.

In any case, Wolfe returned to the store with the buggy box of food, and videotaped his encounter with a Lucky store supervisor who apologized, refunded his money, and gave him a $25 gift certificate. She didn't pull the rest of the pre-packaged sushi from the store's shelves, though, which left Wolfe dismayed, as the refund and gift card "didn't solve the issue of bugs in sushi."

When contacted by KRON, however, a Lucky spokesperson said that "we have launched a full investigation into this situation and have pulled all of the sushi provided by this vendor off the shelves of the nine stores they supply," so perhaps that will mollify Wolfe somewhat? Regardless, he says that "never again" will he shop at that store.