Though the Chronicle originally reported that a man was shot and killed on a touristy Russian Hill block, they now write that the sole shooting victim is injured, not dead. He is now being described as a tourist.

ABC7 reports that Police confirmed the shooting took place following a robbery: The tourist, they say, was shot after he was robbed by the suspects and then chased them.

Sometime around 12:10 p.m. police and firefighters responded the shooting on a crooked section of Lombard Street at Jones Street, transporting a victim to the SF General in unknown condition.

The suspected shooter is in custody, apprehended in Oakland according to officials.

According to Supervisor Christensen, the victim is in stable condition. Officer Carlos Manfredi, a San Francisco police spokesman, said that the man was shot in the chest.

When a vehicle matching the description of the suspect's was noticed on the Bay Bridge, SFPD were joined by CHP officers as well as Emeryville and Oakland Police officers in pursuit. The chase ended in Emeryville on the 1000 block of 60th street according to authorities.neighborhood on the 1000 block of 60th street in Emeryville, Manfredi said.

Christensen also offered this release:

“I am deeply troubled and angry about the assault on a visitor to our City that occurred this afternoon. There are no apologies or wishes that can adequately offset the impacts of this vicious crime. I urge anyone with any information about this incident to contact the Police Department with information.

I commend and thank law enforcement, including the San Francisco Police Department, for apprehending at least one suspect. I fully expect those responsible to be held fully accountable for this attack.

I am working hard every day to make sure that we continue to increase police staffing and provide the resources necessary to our public safety agencies so that they can do their job and keep our neighbors, residents, and visitors safe"