Several years in a row, organizers have tried to galvanize breast-baring ladies to stage the act of civil disobedience known as Go Topless Day in San Francisco, but once again the event was less than well attended — and this time was met with some pushback by park rangers in Dolores Park. The Chron snapped a few SFW (i.e. nipple-free) photos of the gathering, which was about a dozen strong, before the women present caved to pressure from the rangers, gathered their things, and dispersed.

Noted SF nudist and sometimes mayoral candidate George Davis showed up wearing an ornamental bra (which he removed), and all told it looks like there were a few more women showing their boobs than in 2013, when only two ladies showed up.

It's no wonder, though, that this event hasn't really caught on in SF, since a) we already have a day to go topless, and it's called Dyke March, and b) the fight over public nudity in this town has not been limited to women's breasts.

It's unclear if any women were actually cited by Rec & Parks rangers on Sunday, but it looks like they were just shown the rules and regs and told to put their clothes on — and there weren't really enough of them to overwhelm the rangers or put up a fight.

LAist recently relayed the tale of how the Raëlian Movement — the fairly sexual, GMO-loving UFO cult founded in the early 70s by a French cab driver — was involved in founding Go Topless Day in 2007, which is organized in Venice Beach by a Raëlian every year essentially to protest laws that allow men to go shirtless but not women.

In New York on Sunday the event drew at least 50 topless women (as well as some dudes) who marched from Columbus Circle to Bryant Park where a horde of photographers awaited them.

Alas, in SF, there was no such rabid interest. Been there, seen that.