Looking star Jonathan Groff, who's currently on Broadway in the much ballyhoo'd and likely-to-win-every-Tony new musical Hamilton, appears to have taken at least one souvenir of the Bay Area back to New York with him: a Golden State Warriors t-shirt. He can be seen wearing it in this video shot yesterday outside the theater where Hamilton is playing, in which he and two cast members from the upcoming revival of Spring Awakening sing an acapella version of the song "Totally F*cked" to waiting theatergoers trying to get seats through the Hamilton same-day lottery.

They don't sing the f-word because, they say, there are too many children present, but Jonathan still sounds good doing the song — he originally played the lead role in Spring Awakening's Broadway premiere in 2006.

The revival production is a "radically reconceived" version by the Deaf West Theater, originally performed in L.A., in which sign language is used throughout as a kind of metaphor for the teen characters' inability to communicate with their parents.

Groff is set to return to the role of Patrick in the final Looking film, which should begin shooting sometime next year, presumably after Groff leaves his role as King George in Hamilton.