Monday night, Alexander Skarsgard inexplicably showed up at the Diary of a Teenage Girl premiere in SF in full, rather excellent drag. While some might say he didn't need a reason for this, it seemed slightly out of left field for the viking sex symbol and onetime king of the vampires. Back in L.A., BuzzFeed sat Skarsgard down yesterday and got the full explanation, and really it just sounds like Skarsgard knows he makes a pretty lady, and he didn't want to be left out of the fun.

He admits, as many surmised, that he was going for a Farrah Fawcett look, and this all came about because director Mari Heller wanted the SF premiere party to be full of drag queens — several worked on the crew, including Peaches Christ and Cousin Wonderlette — and for there to be a "big fun drag queen after-party." Having done drag in that 2006 movie Kill Your Darlings, Skarsgard obviously wasn't afraid of the concept, and he says, "I just felt, I asked, I didn’t want to be excluded from the fun. So I asked if there was any way I could come in drag, and they were nice enough to say yes."

He had a lot of help looking the way he did, of course, with Mercedez Munro doing his makeup (he learned that this means she's now his drag mother), Becky Motorlodge styling that wig, and "They made this dress, a wig, and fake tits with really nice nipples, and high-heeled shoes. The whole thing.”

The best part: he has a drag name now. Lady Libido Lushbody.

"That's a lot of name," says Buzzfeed.


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