In the era of Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner, Asia SF may seems kind of exploitative, anachronistic, and a little uncomfortable. But the proud, very pretty performers at the trans nightclub/dinner theater will be riding the wave of hype about all things trans this year with the September 30 premiere of their very own reality series on Fuse, titled Transcendent.

The series trailer just dropped, and it looks to be equal parts I Am Cait-style heartwarming drama about the lives and struggles of trans women, and trashy ensemble reality show in the style of the Real Housewives.

Already in the trailer we have the characters getting type-cast, with Bambiana looking to be one of the bigger personalities who enjoys her whiskey.

Also featured will be Nya, Xristina (don't ask how that's pronounced), Bionka, and Aliyah.

Interestingly, only Nya and Aliyah are listed on the current roster of performers at Asia SF, suggesting that the other three have already moved on to bigger things? It's unclear.

The show is being produced by World of Wonder, the same people who brought us Rupaul's Drag Race.

And here are the ladies performing last Friday in LA, for the Television Critics Association on the roof of the Beverly Hilton.