If you were unaware of this fact, your life is about to improve upon learning it: Jeff Goldblum is in a jazz band (he's the pianist).

The noted actor from such films as Jurassic Park (I realize there are others) frequently performs with The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra at venues like Los Feliz's Rockwell Table and Stage.

"These days and for many years, I just hardly spend a day where I don't pass a piano in my place and just play for as long as I can," Goldblum said to NPR, who note that he performs as a musician as often as weekly.

"I'm from Pittsburgh, and I played piano when I was a kid," Goldblum has said. "I got the idea to play out and about in cocktail lounges when I was, like, 15, and got a job or two."

As you can see in the clip below, Goldblum does a bit more than just tickle the ivory. "I consider myself a social lubricant as much as a musician really," he says.

That's all preamble to saying that the multitalented performer will be here to, er, lubricate us with his SF premier. Cabaret-style shows are now slotted for Feinstein's at the Nikko on Friday, August 28 (at 8 p.m.) and Saturday, August 29 (at 7 p.m.).

The evenings will feature Goldblum on piano, John Storie on guitar, James King on tenor saxophone, and Kenny Elliot on drums.

Tickets for Jeff Goldblum and The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra range in price from $60 to $75 and are available online.

An added bonus: Goldbum is even known to play the theme song to Jurassic Park (now you see why I mentioned that one) with the addition of his own unofficial lyrics. For the record, those are:

In Jurassic Park
Scary in the dark
I'm so scared that I'll be eaten.