A new survey by a dubiously named outfit called SherpaShare — which itself is a service portal for workers in the gig/sharing economy — confirms that many drivers for services like Uber and Lyft are often double-, triple-, or even quintuple-dipping by simultaneously working for other services like Sidecar, Postmates, DoorDash. As the Examiner reports, via SherpaShare, San Francisco is one of the highest-earning cities for UberX and Lyft drivers, who average $14.65 per trip — which pales in comparison to the $30 per trip that New Yorkers pay, but that's a far bigger city, and lots of people need to get home to Brooklyn at night.

SherpShare actually provides a way for drivers who also work for several other services to track and manage their income across all these platforms. And the company's cofounder Ryder Pearce confirms that SF is the capital of quintuple-dipping, and this is a major trend in cities across the country. "Since San Francisco has the most options for this type of work in the U.S., [the trend is] even higher here," he says.

Examples he gives: "one person drives for Uber, Lyft, Sidecar and delivers for Postmates and DoorDash, he said. Another drives for Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, Wingz and Summon."

What is Wingz, you ask? It's a new car service specifically for rides to the airport. Because that seems like something we needed.

But if all these people have five different jobs, how do they have time to go to Dolores Park and hang out on roofs drinking PBRs like these happy gig economy millennials who BuzzFeed recently profiled?

In other news, this city now has 900 ways to get your every meal and desire delivered to your door, and you never have walk outside again. Also, it's 1999 again.

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