A San Francisco Giants fan who leaped into the cold waters of McCovey Cove to nab a home run ball might have planned his jump, a report published today suggests.

You recall the story, I'm sure: It was Friday, July 10, when Joe Panik hit a homer that bounced off the stands, out of the park and into the water. A guy who was on the lower deck chased the ball all the way into McCovey Cove, a move that was of course captured on video, because what isn't these days?

"Hope he didn't have a cell phone in his pocket!" Jay wrote at the time, echoing the thoughts of every single person who watched that tape. Well, everybody, your hopes have been realized: according to the Chron's Leah Garchik, he didn't.

The leaper, 27-year-old Marin native/SF resident Sean Tai had apparently had "a premonition" and handed all his possessions (wallet, keys, phone) to a friend earlier that evening, his mother told Garchik.

Apparently the Giants were not especially impressed with Tai's devotion Garchik reports, as they didn’t have Panik sign the ball for Tai, or offer the jumper any other recognition or perks.

“No free tickets, rides on floats or first pitches out," Tai's mom says, just before launching into the third person.

"He’s fine with that, but Mom wishes he could get tickets so he won’t be tempted to scale the rail again.”