The escalators leading from Powell Street Station's BART platform to the station aren't as foul as, say, the feces-encrusted escalators that take you from Powell Station to street level. Then again, that poopy escalator never tried to eat anyone, and the platform escalator most certainly did.

The horror began at 3:47 yesterday afternoon, a San Francisco Fire Department spokesperson says. That's when the sweatshirt worn by a woman who was riding the escalator down to the platform got caught in the cold, unfeeling teeth of the beast machine.

As the contraption pulled her in, the skin on her right elbow was also mangled in the escalator's maw.

SFFD spokesperson Mindy Talmadge says it took rescuers about half-an-hour to pull the woman from the jaws of the escalator. She was transported to San Francisco General Hospital for injuries that were not considered life-threatening.

SF Examiner photographer Mike Koozmin got eight shots of the scene, which I advise against looking at if you are at all escalator-phobic (I was until my late teens, and still get anxious on them! It is my single weakness.). This one is the stuff of nightmares, and oh my god, is that a bloody mop bucket [barfs].

Suddenly, a little human shit doesn't look that bad, I announce to appease the Powell escalator gods. Now please don't kill me.

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