Important news from the world of Dolores Park vendors: Infamous 'Cold beer cold water' dude, known only otherwise as James, has announced he's moving to Hawaii in a matter of weeks. As Uptown Almanac reports, Mr. Cold Beer Cold Water is planning to "kick back" and sell beer and water on a beach somewhere there, and the War on Fun in Dolores Park is partly to blame.

Says James, "It’s not pleasant to have police there every minute. [The police] are over there every day bugging people for trampolines, playing music, smoking cigarettes. Just harassing people.” Also, after some cracking down a couple years ago, he was sadly (and probably less profitably) relegating to just selling cold water.

It's true, even Robot Dance Party can't catch a break these days.

But what would Dolores Park be without this zany mix of characters, Cold Beer Cold Water included — even if he could be a gruff and unsettling presence at times? Could Trevor the truffle guy be next!?!?

Cold Beer Cold Water departs on a jet plane on August 11. If you see him before then, buy some water from him, will ya!