San Francisco, the "City by the Bay," the "Cool, Gray City of Love" where you can soon live in a storage facility. Actually, the news isn't that dour — you'd really be living above the facility, and perhaps in a penthouse to boot.

According to Socketsite, the owners of City Storage, a four-story self-storage facility simply want to supplement their business with seventeen “penthouse” apartments by adding a fifth floor. All storage facilities would remain as they are.


City Storage is located at 500 Indiana in what people will argue is either Dogpatch, Potrero Hill, or Mission Bay. The proposed apartments are one three-bedroom, seven two-bedroom, five studios, and four one-bedrooms. Also, a new lobby is part of the plan. What's more, the Planning Department sounds to be in support of the “Indiana Penthouses.”

See? Nothing to be depressed about here.

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via Socketsite