A bake sale for medical marijuana-laced edibles scheduled for August 1 has been quashed by the SF Department of Public Health after a new supervisor there ruled that such events aren't legal, as SF Evergreen reports. Though vendors at the first Get Baked Sale in June — which garnered national coverage from the Associated Press because of its newness, and maybe because it seemed questionably legal under city law — only sold their goods to patients with valid medical marijuana cards, DPH inspector Larry Kessler, who took over the cannabis beat on July 1, says the event sounds like it's been set up "to skirt local law," because in SF selling medical marijuana to ten or more people requires a dispensary permit.

The pot-edible vendors at the Get Baked Sale, like Madame Munchie and Auntie Dolores, aren't allowed to sell their wares directly to consumers even under state law, and they typically sell all their stuff through licensed dispensaries. Also, though vendors tried to set up their own nine-person collectives to try to skirt the law, the DPH threatened to crack down further if they did so.

But bake sale organizers Morgan Kelly and Jared Stratton balked at the crackdown, saying they had Health Department approval for the June event. And they note that similar events have gone on elsewhere in the state without any such rules. They now say they'll be looking to host the event somewhere outside the SF city limits.

It should be noted at the June event, non-marijuana foods and beverages were also sold, as the AP noted, in order "to encourage participants to pace themselves and for relatives and friends of marijuana users to take part."