Remind me, which one of you had $1,029,500 in the how-much-will-the-Richmond-District-hoarder-house-go-for pool? Because you won, congratulations!

Congratulations also go to the "lucky" (?!? sure, why not) buyer-to-be, whose $1,029,500 bid for the one-time home to a mummified corpse (among other delights) has been "tentatively" accepted, SocketSite reports.

Listed just last week for just $928,000, the home at 152 4th Avenue had its fair share of looky-loos at an open house this weekend, including an SF Weekly contrib who reported that "A fresh coat of paint on the walls and scrubbed floors couldn't quite chase away the smell of toxic mold and urine from the corners of the bedroom and kitchen."

That level of yuck might be why the house failed to fetch the $2.5 million some speculated it might merit back in April. But, hey, it still got more than ask!

As SocketSite notes, however, the final sale price could be higher than the current $1,029,500 figure. Since that mummified corpse found in the home was the property's owner, Anna Ragin, "the sale will require court confirmation" which means that "interested parties will have an opportunity to bid higher at the probate hearing for the estate."

In other words, it's not too late for you to snatch this gem of a property from the current high bidder. What are you waiting for?

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