Magic Mike XXL - Everywhere

The only sin the original Magic Mike committed was trying to get serious near its end. (Well, that and the inexplicable casting of Cody Horn as the love interest, what the hell was that about?) If this sequel is smart it will do away with the lectures about "consequences" and just give us the good time we all want out of a movie about male strippers. Although, what's it gonna take to get a 3D IMAX release of one of these already??

Terminator Genisys - Everywhere

It's a reboot/remake/sequel, and it's certainly better than the wholly forgettable Terminator movies/TV shows that came after T2. Of course it's completely unnecessary: Terminator and Terminator 2 are great movies in no need of rebooting. But at least it doesn't commit the grave sin of completely negating the stories in those original films. Instead it kind of revamps both, and you can still look at the originals as just alternatives on an ever-expanding choice of Terminator time lines. Eve has a lot more to say about it in her review!


Jimmy's Hall - Embarcadero

Ken Loach directed this fact-based drama about Jimmy Gralton, who lead the Revolutionary Workers' Group in Ireland, and was deported for it. The film focuses on the dance hall he opened in 1922, and his return to Ireland in the 1930's, as he gets drawn back into activism. Starring Barry Ward and Simone Kirby.