Sports bar/sandwich spot Giordano Bros., which first opened on Columbus Avenue in North Beach in 2004 serving up their signature, Pittsburgh-style "all-in-one" sandwiches and catering especially to Steelers fans, is calling it quits on their original location due to its size constraints.

The Bros. opened a second, much bigger location in the Mission at the busy corner of 16th and Valencia four years ago, and one partner tells Inside Scoop that they decided not to renew their lease on the North Beach location and seek out another, larger spot.

The place is known primarily for their stacked sandwiches on thick slices of white bread, featuring Italian meats, shredded lettuce, and french fries all inside.

And, as Eater points out, the closing of the North Beach location "means that even more Steeler's fans will be descending upon the Mission location for football season, terrible towels in hand."

Someone is likely to snap up the spot at 303 Columbus Avenue pretty quick, so stay tuned for more on that.