A conservative group called Catholic Vote gave the internet a gift last week in the form of a black-and-white YouTube video in which a group of well meaning Catholics all speak cryptically about being "different" and "weird" and it turns out they're all talking about sticking to their guns in the belief that "marriage is between a man and a woman." As AdWeek points out, this would be a group of conservatives acting like an oppressed minority now that the Supreme Court has made a final ruling on an issue that grants rights to people who are not them — and the more you think about that, the more it's pretty hilarious, and insane. But not unexpected!

The video went up on June 25, and you can see it above, but more hilarious is the parody that's already been made in which a bunch of people, also in black and white, speak cryptically about their beliefs that might be looked down upon, such as "I love saying the N-word!" and "Where's that balance? How can I say 'Go back to Africa' and still respect someone."

The one with the hat and glasses is prolific gay YouTuber Nicola Foti, whom SFist previously featured because of his brilliant 2013 work "Just Text Me."