Complaints about the increasing heteronormativity of the event aside, and despite a handful of arrests for public drunkenness and a couple of handguns seized, Sunday's LGBT Pride Parade was a largely peaceful, altogether celebratory affair in which everyone was still high on the marriage equality news, and the LGBT employees at a bunch of Bay Area companies came out to march in company t-shirts — with Apple, once again, organizing perhaps the largest single contingent.

Local politicians including Nancy Pelosi, Scott Wiener, Jose Cisneros, Mayor Ed Lee, and early gay marriage proponent Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom all participated in this year's parade.

Also, great times were had by all at Juanita MORE's annual Pride afterparty at Jones — and I'm sure good times were had by many at the many other parties that stretched well into Monday morning, but this reporter was camped with some pizza in front of True Detective by 10 p.m.

Check out this slew of photos from the main event by local photographer Thomas Hawk, as well as a couple from Juanita's shindig, with party design this year by Ken Fulk.