Dirty Water looks to be the first in a deluge of major food and drink projects such as forthcoming Bon Marché to finally open in what some are calling the "Market Square" area (and what we'll call anything but the "Twitterloin"). The new bar, restaurant, and brewery which the Chronicle puts at $4 million and 2-and-a-half years in the making comes from founder and general manager Kristian Cosentino, formerly of Press Club and is set to open the floodgates this weekend.

The name Dirty Water, slang for whiskey, should belie the fact that drinks are much the focus here. But within that category, we can expect a wide range. 52 taps of beer are in order and will include selections from a very exciting 7-barrel nano-brewery system right in-house. You can also expect 114 wines by the glass, served with a novel system described here in San Francisco magazine. With a full liquor license secured, mixologist Zachary Taylor will be designing more potent potables like "140 Characters" (Zu vodka, Ancho Reyes, lime and egg whites) and the "King of Carrot Flowers" (Hendricks Gin, carrot, ginger, ver jus, dry vermouth, kummel and absinthe).

The comestibles come from Michelin starred Chef Jarad Gallagher whose cooking at Chez TJ in Mountain View has earned acclaim. The twist is a retro — or paleo — one. Expect dishes from the "modern American Primal food movement" such as suckling pig roast with succulents and fresh corn polenta, or whole roasted squab with smoked eggplant and cherries.

With the Market settled in and more options on the way, the Twitter building is turning out to be quite the dining destination.

Dirty Water, 1355 Market Street, (415) 792-5108

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