San Francisco County Jail inmate Scanvinski Hymes has appeared on TV shows like MCNBC's Lockup: San Quentin-Extended Stay, which reported that during his stay in San Quentin he "racked up the highest number of violent offenses in California prison history." Now he's appearing on a far smaller-time program, a video taken last July by San Francisco Sheriff's Deputies as they tried to remove Hymes from his cell.

Hymes' Lockup appearance was described thusly:

In this program, you'll meet Scanvinski Hymes, who's been in prison since he was 18 years old. Now, almost 20 years later, he's racked up the highest number of violent offenses in California prison history. His favorite form of mayhem? Inciting cell extractions, a violent procedure where guards struggle to remove an inmate from his cell. Nevertheless, it's time for Hymes' release, and as he prepares for life on the outside, he faces the harsh reality that for most inmates, leaving prison is just a temporary freedom.

You can see a clip from his 2007 appearance on the show here. Despite an apparent attempt to reach rapper 50 Cent to "help manage me and help me make money off my Lock Up show experiences," Hymes ended up back in jail, this time in San Francisco — and according to SF sheriff's deputies, he hasn't given up his cell extraction habits.

According to the Examiner, Hymes was in SF County Jail's administrative segregation unit last July when the below video was taken, during one such extraction.

Before you watch it, beware: there is very loud swearing!

The Ex reports that Hymes is now facing charges as a result of threats made during the extraction, even as Hymes counter-claims that he was "beaten by deputies at County Jail 4 while in handcuffs and leg shackles."

According to SF Sheriff's deputy Sgt. Milton Bliss, Hymes is a “loose cannon” and “one of the most dangerous inmates in our custody.” Hymes, who was treated following the extraction with lacerations to his face and a fractured nose, disagrees, saying that this “was a planned beating by Sgt. Milton Bliss and others. I had to go to San Francisco General Hospital. Sgt. Bliss filed a false report.”