Uh oh... Ry Stephen, the pastry chef/baker who created the cruffin and put uber-trendy Mr. Holmes Bakehouse on the map over the last year has parted ways with the Tenderloin bakery. As San Francisco Magazine reports, the bakery put out a statement saying, "Mr. Holmes and Ry Stephen have decided to go our separate ways. Ry left behind a legacy of truly amazing pastry and Mr. Holmes has every intention of continuing that legacy."

Stephen, who hails from Australia, started Mr. Holmes with business partner Aaron Caddel in November 2014 after having success selling his pastries wholesale at places like Saint Frank and Stanza.

One imagines there's got to be some bad feeling there — not to mention tension over who owns the recipes that keep drawing line down the block. But it is conceivable that the quality of the product there won't change, if the team can execute everything without Stephen's help. Yelpers will surely note any changes...

And, interestingly, the Mr. Holmes website is currently offline.

We're told also that designer Aron Tzimas, who helped promote the Mr. Holmes brand with all that Instagramming, has also parted ways with the bakery.

This news follows just a month after Stephen told SF Mag that he and Caddel were planning an expansion to Los Angeles, complete with retail shop and production facility, as well as an expanded bakery facility in SF. Perhaps presaging the split, at the time Stephen said of the LA plan, "That’s where Aaron is from. That’ll be his resting ground, and I’ll be here."

Stay tuned for any updates as to where Stephen will be selling his cruffins next.

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