While it's best to not leave valuables in the car in case of a break-in, anyone looking to rob a parked car is going to smash a window to double check anyway.

As these photos, courtesy of reader Rich Bartlebaugh, show, some Tenderloin residents have taken to D.I.Y. measures to hopefully not deal with the pain of a broken car window. These handmade notes, some handwritten and one with a cute drawing, beg would-be thieves to not bother. In two photos, the car owner says he or she has already experienced the pain of a smashed window, and in one sad case the note is actually written on the taped-over hole.

Bartlebaugh says he took these photos over the last two months while walking his dogs in the neighborhood, around Post, Sutter, Jones, and Leavenworth Streets. He tells SFist that, "The broken glass in the morning seems to be at least be double what it was a year ago."