It's hard not to feel bad for Kanye West. Known once as a clever, talented musician who fearlessly brought truth to power, in recent years he's become a parody of himself, with stunts too numerous to mention. It's unclear how self-aware the artist/reality TV spouse is at this point — and a move he pulled following the Warriors NBA playoff game last night didn't help clear that question up.

Of course, you likely recall the 2009 VMAs, during which West crashed the stage during another artists' award acceptance speech. Like a little kid who realizes that something he does made all the grownups look and laugh, he's attempted to replicate this move again and again, most recently Thursday night, CBS5 reports.

The media was just filing in to the Warriors' post-game (...and what a game! Our own e chang will tell you more about all that later today) press conference when West took to the team's podium, apparently even pretending to be MVP Steph Curry with lines like “You know I’m extremely exhausted by the fourth. This next game, we got to go hard.”

We get it, Kanye, you like to crash the stage. It's your thing.