Since San Franciscans will obviously only save water if we're convinced that it's somehow sexy to do so, since last summer the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has employed a series of racy, punny ads to promote careful conservation. Those include making showers "quickies" and keeping your hands "dirty," which is not so appealing.

One-upping their double entendres yesterday, the Chronicle reports that the PUC announced it’s putting another $300,000 into its "ad blitz." This time we're going "Full Frontal," a reference to more water-efficient front-loading washing machines.

Here's another one.


The PUC launched the campaign last summer, and they believe it was successful — SF does lead the state in water conservation lately, and the Bay Area's water usage fell off a whopping 19 percent in April.

Though hopefully we're being mindful out of environmental conscientiousness rather than perversion. And, actually, CBS 5 went around asking people if they were scandalized or offended by the ads, and the joke was completely lost on at least one local dude. "Yeah, I’m really tuned into innuendos,” he says, “but I didn’t really pick up on it honestly."

Yeah, to be fair, some of the jokes don't really land.


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