Less than a week week before her 106th (not a typo!) birthday, the Golden State Warriors' oldest fan got a pretty fantastic gift — tickets to last night's playoff game at Oracle Arena.

I'll leave discussion of the game itself to our able Joe Kukura (spoiler: the Warriors won in overtime), but I am sure he'd agree with 105-year-old Sweetie (who we told you about last week) when she said yesterday that "When a team's as good as the Warriors, we should all be fans."

Sweetie's excitement at heading to Oracle Arena for Game One of the NBA Finals woke her up at 4 a.m. yesterday morning, ABC7 reports.

"I know it. I know it's very special and I'm very happy," she said.

Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley hooked Sweetie up with her ticket, ABC7 says. Once at the game, she met Warriors COO Rick Welts:

Dissed LeBron for being "too old" (he's 30. As a reminder, Sweetie turns 106 on June 12, so, ouch!):

And offered some analysis of Warriors' small forward Draymond Green, saying "He's been giving us three-pointers at a time when we need them most."

Despite being a little "overwhelmed" at the attention, Sweetie was all business when it came to the game, saying that "she doesn't want anyone disturbing her as she focuses on the game," ABC7 reports. But what does she do when approached by her fans, eager to meet the woman Coach Steve Kerr shouted out?

"I'll say, 'This is Sweetie. You saw me on television, what do you think about me now?'"

We think you're pretty badass, Sweetie. That's what we think.

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