Sad news! Scrappy, automotive-themed, often very dirty gay bar Truck is shutting its doors later this month, as owner Paul Ringhofer-Miller confirms to SFist today. Ringhofer-Miller says that the bar has been sold to a unnamed, first-time bar owner, and their plans for the place (including whether it will remain gay) are unknown.

The bar opened in 2007 and has steadily provided an alternative scene from the Castro or SoMa, but with a fair amount of SoMa-esque raunch thrown in — particularly for its notorious Tuesday night parties.

A notice about the first of several goodbye parties, called Moving Truck, was posted on Truck's Facebook page this afternoon, and that will be happening this Friday, June 5. More events will follow, and the exact closing date is TBA.

In a statement about the event, Ringhofer-Miller says:

It has been a wild ride. But, after eight awesome years of throwing wild events and hopefully creating something unique in San francisco's nightlife, Truck will be closing.
During our final weeks we will be throwing a number of our most memorable events as well as teaming up with some of our favorite DJs, promoters and entertainers.
It would mean a great deal to celebrate with everyone and give Truck a proper goodbye.

As for what's next for Ringhofer-Miller, who's been a fixture behind the bar at many of Truck's parties, he says, "I am really excited to focus on events including River Raid (September in Guerneville) and Kingdom of Sodom."