Boston-based artist Jason Turgeon, along with a team that includes contractors, a mechanical engineer, and an architect, are at work constructing a giant replica of a 1927 Underwood Portable Typewriter that they plan to reconstruct on the playa at Burning Man this year. It's not completely clear how this thing is going to work, but suffice it to say there will be a huge sheets of vinyl "paper" and keys you step on that actually print letters onto the vinyl.

The collective working on the project is unveiling a piece of it this week, on June 5, in Boston, as the Huffington Post reports, and Turgeon tells them that this is the realization of a whimsical idea he had for bringing the printed word "back", so to speak, among all the flaming art cars, converted jumbo jets, and 40-foot-tall dancers of the playa.

Says Turgeon, "Really, where else could this happen? Black Rock City is the only place in the world where a regular guy like me, a guy with no formal art training, no connections and no deep-pocketed corporate sponsors could take an idea like this and make it a reality."

It's called the Blunderwood Portable, and measures 20 feet across and 18 feet high, with keys that are 14 inches wide, big enough to stand on. And if you want to help, you can donate via Kickstarter. They've raised $20,000 already, and right now they're more than halfway to their goal of $5,000 for completion costs — and any donor that gives $1000 will get their own custom poem made on the Blunderwood and displayed on the playa.

See Turgeon's explanatory video below.

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