You know how we've been talking about the Castro's vermin problem? Well, SliderBar, which was previously shut down by city health inspectors last October for a persistent vermin problem that they failed to clean up (a single violation does not lead to a forced shutdown, you see) among other violations, was closed again as of Friday for a major cleanup. And as the public notice states on the door, the problem was, again, vermin.

The restaurant is undergoing a deep clean and will have to be reinspected before it can reopen, but this sure doesn't bode well!! And for those slider fans who weren't scared off from eating there after one shutdown, the message might spread a bit further after a second.

SliderBar, whose original location was in Palo Alto, expanded to SF to the former Bagdad Cafe space in 2012. They now also have a location in Berkeley.

This health department action follows on a similar, persistent vermin problem a few doors down on Market Street at the former Barracuda Sushi, which as we noted the other week has rebranded twice since February after being shutdown, and is now Janchi. The health department also went around the corner last week to shut down Posh Bagel on Castro Street for similar troubles.

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