Sherriff Ross Mirkarimi's actress wife Eliana Lopez will be debuting her all-in-Spanish one-woman comedy this coming weekend, chronicling the year-long 2012 domestic violence scandal that nearly cost Mirkarimi his job. Lopez maintained throughout the the months of constant, breathless media coverage that she wanted to press no charges against her husband, and that a video shot by a trusted neighbor depicting her bruised arm was used as a political weapon by Mirkarimi's enemies at City Hall. Whether this story is even interesting anymore, let alone ripe for comedy, is up for debate. But as you can see in the video clips above, via KPIX, Lopez will be doing her telenovela damndest to make everyone see the absurdity of her experience in the play, titled "Cuál Es el Escándalo?" or "What Is the Scandal?" It should also be noted that she'll be doing voices, and portraying over a dozen different characters, including her young son, and a neighbor she's named Mr. Lie, obviously based on Ivory Madison's husband Abraham Mertens.

And as the Mercury News reports, predictably, "The show is her way of saying she never felt victimized by her husband, but she does feel victimized by the political and legal system." Lopez adds, "It has been hard and emotional at times, but it has also been healing for me [to work on the show]. Therapeutic."

She admits that Mirkarimi is "a private person," and she has not let him see any of the show yet. Also, "It will be hard for him."

Mirkarimi, for his part, says, "She's been consistent about her voice being muffled, and so her artistry helps set it straight in ways the public never heard."

Tickets for Ms. Lopez's artistry can be found here (and apparently it's subtitled for non-Spanish speakers), and performances will be on two consecutive weekends, starting May 29.

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