The Castro is getting another new restaurant, sort of, called Janchi, which is being billed as a "Korean gastropub." It's going into the space at 2251 Market Street and as Hoodline notes, this is following on the very short-lived Mandu, which was a pan-Asian street food concept from Slurp chef Daniel Sudar that debuted in the former Barracuda Sushi space in February. Mandu, it turns out, got shut down by the Health Department on May 1, and just had their license un-suspended on Friday, May 15.

It looks like Janchi might be open as soon as this week, after the owners have proven that there is no longer a previously reported rodent infestation.

I would like to point out that Barracuda itself shuttered rather suddenly, and chef-partner Sudar has proven to be a bit less than truthful about the most recent shutdown — he tried to tell Hoodline that it was because of leaky pipes, and the Health Department rumors were untrue. A Yelper even posted the Health Department notice, so that was dumb of him.

Also, Eater briefly tried to report on the most recent shutdown, however pulled the post down when they realized that Barracuda had already shut down in February — the health department, you see, was not aware of the rebranding to Mandu because the place has not changed hands.

And this is also just a few doors down from Sliderbar (2295 Market) which suffered a similar rodent problem and health department shutdown just seven months ago, leading one to consider how much the vermin enjoy this particular block.