It was a little cold out there, but nevertheless Sunday marked the 104th running of Bay to Breakers, which has been called the oldest consecutively run footrace in the world, starting as a San Francisco tradition in 1912. By most accounts, things were slightly tamer, less naked, and more under control than in some previous years, likely thanks to the less than May-like temperatures and the increased vigilance of the SFPD in corralling stray partiers during the race wind-down after noon. A total of 11 people were arrested, as KRON4 reports, five on suspicion of felonies, three on suspicion of misdemeanors, and three on suspicion of being drunk in public. But despite setting up "sobering centers" with a capacity of 80 people, only 10 people sought time apart in these centers to lie down and hope the spinning stopped.

And in case you missed it, there were these kids who dressed up as the Serial podcast, which may or may not be kind of insensitive, given that it's not fiction.

Oh, yeah! This was an actual race with winners and stuff. The men's race champ was Isaac Mukandi Mwangi of Kenya, with a time of 35:25, as KTVU reports. The women's winner was Jane Kibii, who's also from Kenya by way of Sacramento, and she finished at 40:04.

But, as usual, most everyone was there for the spectacle and party of it all. Without further ado, the documentation of this year's boozy mess.