I'm giving the San Francisco State University commencement address next week at AT&T Park -- don't want to give a speech that will bore the graduates and their families!!!! Wondering if you have any suggestions for topics? Please check out the video and let me know! #SFSU

Posted by Gavin Newsom on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Vocally bored Lieutenant Governor and poorly prepared speech giver Gavin Newsom is set to address a massive crowd at AT&T Park for the graduation exercises of San Francisco State University. But it sounds like he hasn't put a great deal of thought into it. So, he'd like others to help out.

Asking the world of Facebook, in a video like any hip-cool digital non-"politician" would, Newsom hopes for some guidance for the speech — to find something, as he puts it, "real." That's yielded some not so insightful comments: One person asks for the politician to mention his GoFundMe page, while another just asks that he "Tell them about your radio/tv show and let hem know how bored you are with your job as Lt. Gov." Someone is probably getting their wish!

Here's a wild idea to improve the speech. If Newsom fears boring his audience, how about preparing his remarks? He quickly shrugs off the idea of writing his thoughts down, and he'd like to extemporize, which usually leads him to say something relatively odd.

Actually, that's kind of what we like about Newsom. So maybe don't sweat it, Mr. Former Mayor, it'll come to you, just like it did over the course of your 7-and-a-half hour youtube video, that SFGate points to.

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