A giant wall will soon be at the beach to provide you shelter from the Sun's rays and a Wi-Fi signal to upload that beach bod selfie to Instagram.

The four-story Shadow Wifi is monolithic structure that'll provide beachgoers with shade and free Internet service, while also raising awareness of the dangers of skin cancer. Users will have access to the network when they are anywhere within the wall's shadow, and be sent an email with health tips. To stay connected through the day, users will have to follow the shadow and stay in the wall's shade. As demonstrated in the video above, the wifi is beamed from a directional antenna that moves along with a sensor that tracks the Sun.

It's like a friendlier version of the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

"It gives [people] a really good reason to actually seek some shade: free Wi-Fi. And at the same time we are of course informing them, and potentially preventing skin cancer," said Geoffrey Hantson of Happiness Brussels. The Belgian agency teamed up with the Peruvian League Against Cancer to install the first walls at Playa Agua Dulce, according to psfk. More will be coming soon to San Francisco and New Zealand.

And if you're worried that Shadow Wifi will give you brain cancer while protecting you from skin cancer—well, it won't.