Those of you who've been around for longer than a year might remember earthscape artist Andres Amador, known for his elaborate sand art on Ocean Beach. But now there's a new sand artist in town, and this guy is making it a weekly event.

Artist Brandon Anderton started spending hours and hours working on his creations at local beaches "after an accident left him with chronic pain and contemplating suicide," ABC7 reports.

Anderton says that that "the repetitive motions" used as he makes his creations "are physically therapeutic," as is the practice of watching his art wash away.

"That's actually my favorite part," he told ABC7.

"I'm out there and thinking about whatever as the catalyst for the design and then letting the waves come by and take it away, one bite at a time."

Anderton says he's done about 100 sand designs at area beaches, about one a week, most inspired "by my dreams." Here are some of his most recent creations (you can see way more on his Instagram account:

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