Less than a month after a dead sperm whale beached in Pacifica, just a third of a mile away another dead whale, this one a young female humpback perhaps just weened from its mother, has washed up. KRON 4 reports that the whale was discovered this morning about half a mile from the parking lot for the beach.

Biologists aren't sure how the whale, which is 32 feet long, died. Though it was emaciated, there was evidence that it had eaten recently in the form of squid beaks in its stomach. It had likely died within the last four or five days, Marine Mammal Center experts said. A necropsy will be performed tomorrow's low-tide to gather more information. So far, teeth and tissue samples were collected. Its been ascertained that, sine the whale had no broken bones, it wasn't killed by a ship strike. Blunt force is also unlikely since there was not enough hemorrhaging of muscles

What remains to be seen: how to dispose of the whale carcass. We all know what not to do, but what is environmentally encouraged? Let's also hope to not see a repeat of what happened to the sperm whale last month: It was tagged with graffiti reading "EAST BAY RATS MOTORCYCLE CLUB," KRON 4 reported at the time. That was removed by a California Academy of Sciences staffer, the Chronicle reports, which doesn't sound pleasant.

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