We strive to be the best damn blog in San Francisco. In pursuit of that goal, we occasionally gotta put our ear to the ground and take advice from our amazingly avid (and equally sassy) readership. Modern technology allows us to do so with an internet survey that takes a paltry four minutes. That's where you come in: Please actually take it. We've even thrown in a chance to win an iPad mini to sweeten the pot.

Feel free to say what you like, what you don't, and what you'd like to see. More feedback means a smoother site, better content and extra relevant ads. You get to rant AND reap the rewards. Talk about a win-win.

(Here's a link to the survey if you can't see it below!)

One lucky winner will receive an iPad mini. Fill out the survey in its entirety for a chance to win! Gothamist LLC terms and conditions apply.