There was no use crying on a Marin County stretch of Highway 1 Sunday, not even after a tanker truck carrying a load of milk flipped and dumped its payload all over.

According to Bay City News, California Highway Patrol officers responded to reports of an overturned tanker truck about a mile north of Nick's Cove on Highway 1 at around 11:45 Sunday morning.

When they arrived, they realized that the truck had dumped about 6000 gallons of milk in the solo crash, and 100 gallons of diesel fuel.

According to Marin County Fire Department Battalion Chief Mike Giannini, it's believed that the driver was traveling too fast as he entered a turn, causing the truck to overturn. He suffered minor injuries in the crash, and was transported to the hospital.

Firefighters used absorbent materials to sop up the spilled liquids, and kept an eye on the spill to make sure it didn't threaten Bay waters.

Another truck arrived to transport an additional 4000 gallons of milk that managed to stay in the tanker, Giannini told BCN. Think about that the next time you pour yourself a bowl of Froot Loops — your milk might have been on a wild ride!