I would tell you to close your eyes and picture the late Robin Williams while you watch these nearly 20 brilliant impressions, but part of the effect of South Carolinian actor and impressionist Jamie Costa is his uncanny resemblance to the actor/comedian at a young age. On top of that, Costa has thrown in a bit of DIY props, hair, and makeup, all adding to the homespun charm.

Vine is the perfect medium for Costa, and you can check out his feed here. Recently, though, he assembled the quick, looping tributes he's been putting up piecemeal into the above YouTube video, which has over a million views. And now he's been made more famous via the Today show.

Though the Williams impressions may be his forte — and a particularly impressive one at that, since Williams himself had all sorts of voices and characters — Costa has more tricks up his sleeve. Here are a few of his other spot-on impressions (and believe me, there are more).

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