Some SoMa parking lots were charging a $100 flat rate during Monday's Giants home opener. Way to gouge the fans who don't understand public transportation! As ABC 7 reports, a lot of the same lots along Townsend Street that charge $18 on normal days regularly raise their rates on game days because they can, and for yesterday's sold-out game that meant $80 to $100.

As CBS 5 reports, the last time the neighborhood saw parking rates that high was last fall, during the Giants' playoff run, so now these parking lot owners know they can get away with it. And they note that across the country, opening day parking-price gouging merely means $60 at Boston's Fenway Park.

They also note that last-minute tickets to the game were only going for $75 on StubHub, even though it was sold out.

Look for more such gouging to occur if the Giants have yet another winning season, but prices should fall back to normal gouging levels as soon as the season-opening excitement fades.

Meanwhile, everybody paid those prices to watch the Giants lose to the Rockies 2-0.