At 11:30 p.m. on March 29, a 19-year-old female Berkeley student was using a co-ed restroom in her dorm. There, she noticed a cell phone "extended underneath the stall partition with the camera facing up,” according to campus police officials. When she left the stall and the restroom, she waited for the suspect to leave after her. A male exited, a student she recognized as a fellow resident of her floor.

A report was received by police the next day, and CBS 5 and other outlets are reporting that the suspect is Alfredo Mendez. The 20-year-old student has been charged by Alameda County prosecutors with invading his classmate's privacy, which is a misdemeanor. He was arrested last Thursday and no longer lives in college housing, per authorities.

However, the extent of Mendez's possible actions isn't clear. When campus police seized his phone, laptop, CDs, and DVDs, they found “additional victims of video voyeurism in the residence hall showers on the devices.”