It's finally here, and your San Francisco Giants are taking on the Colorado Rockies as we speak. The fans, the media, and the players are assembled and, as is the wont of any prince, Madison Bumgarner arrived on the field riding a horse. Also, he was waving a World Series Champs flag, in case you didn't get the picture.

MadBum, as the Chronicle reported at the time, wanted to ride a horse through the streets during last year's victory parade, but good old Police Chief Greg Suhr wasn't having any of it.

A certain Panda was absent, but even an injured Hunter Pence was out before the game for a workout, preparing us all for his imminent return.

To set the stage for the season, our own Beanstalk columnist Mr. E. Chang writes:

For the past five seasons, the Giants have been trolling baseball. They've now famously won three World Series, every other year, with two non-playoff seasons in-between. Win it all, win nothing, win it all, win nothing, win it all.

Here they are, today's lineups:

1. Blackmon CF
2. Gonzalez RF
3. Tulowitzki SS
4. Morneau 1B
5. Arenado 3B
6. Dickerson LF
7. Hundley C
8. LeMahieu 2B
9. Butler P

1. Aoki LF
2. Panik 2B
3. Pagan CF
4. Posey C
5. Belt 1B
6. Blanco RF
7. Duffy 3B
8. Crawford SS
9. Heston P

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